Christ's Hospital's Digital War Memorial

Welcome to our digital war memorial.  Over time it will include those who lost their lives in the Second South African War (1899-1902), the First World War and the Second World War as well as some other wars or conflicts.  We have included not only Old Blues but, where we have been able to identify them, other members of the Christ’s Hospital community such as Governors, teachers and members of the estate staff. In addition we have included not only those who died in service but civilians who lost their lives as a result of enemy action.

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The first Old Blue honoured on this memorial died at the Battle of Isandlwana in January 1879.  His death appears in the ‘other conflicts’ section. 6 Old Blues fell in the Second South African War, 423 Old Blues and 22 other members of the CH community fell in the First World War and 216 Old Blues fell in the Second World War.  In addition, 2 Masters fell in the Second World War. Finally, an Old Blue fell in each of the Korean War and the Suez conflict.  In total 672 names are honoured here.

We encourage visitors to this memorial to contact us particularly if you think we have omitted any names who should appear or you have any biographical information or documents which we could use to expand individual entries.

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On 23rd October 1920, Christ’s Hospital, Horsham dedicated its War Memorial to those who died in the First World War.  It was comprised of memorial tablets designed by Sir Aston Webb which were hung on the outside of the School’s Dining Hall. On 9th May 1992 further, complementary, tablets listing the names of those who died in the Second World War were dedicated.  Another tablet, listing those who died in conflicts after the Second World War was dedicated on 4th May 2000. Most recently, some modifications to the 1992 tablets were made in May 2011. These included the addition of ten Old Blues from Horsham and five Old Blues from the girls' school at Hertford who had previously been commemorated on a memorial tablet in the Hertford Chapel, plus one other Hertford Old Blue whose name had not been included on the original memorial tablet there.  The School’s Hertford site was closed in 1985, from which date all pupils have been educated at Horsham.

This digital memorial owes much to the considerable research and publications by David Miller.  Without his input and assistance it would never have got off the ground.  Our thanks are also due to David Gill, Clifford Jones and Ken Mansell for their contributions and research.

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