From this page you can view all the information on this memorial.  You can see the names listed on our various Rolls of Honour, each of whom has his or her own page with biographical information.  “Died this Day” notes the individuals who died today in the various wars and conflicts in which we commemorate the fallen.

There is a reference section in which you will see various documents and materials to which additions will be made over time.  Copies of The Blue covering the Second South African War, The First World War and The Second World War are included which will help to inform you more about about life at Christ’s Hospital in wartime. The Blue is the school's magazine.

For the First World War, we have included photographs of the 14 individual house memorials to Old Blues which were erected by each of the houses listed.  There is also a section dedicated to the various commemorative visits which were made between 2015 and 2018 by Old Blues to the graves and memorials of over 400 of our fallen. You will see notes of the visits and several photographs.