Hart, Arthur Reginald

Sub-Lieutenant / Hood Battalion, Royal Naval Division

Died on 13 November 1916

Arthur Hart was the son of Henry and Maud Hart.  He was born in Thames Ditton, Surrey but while at CH the family home was in Albury, Surrey.  There was one other son in the family.

Prior to CH, Arthur Hart was at Colebrooke School in Bognor Regis, a boarding school for boys established by William Grice in 1886.

Arthur Hart left CH as a Classical Grecian.  He refused an Exhibition to St John’s College, Oxford in 1910. He obtained the Sambrooke Arts Scholarship at London University, which he resigned upon winning the First Arts Scholarship at Westminster Hospital.  He was Proxime Accessit at the Exhibition exam at London University and studied for four years at Westminster Hospital. 

In September 1914 he was in France acting as House Surgeon at the base hospital, Limoges.  Just over a year later on 19 November 1915 he was gazetted Temporary Sub-Lieutenant in the RNVR.

He fell at the Battle of Ancre near Beaucourt on 13 November 1916, the last action in the Battle of the Somme.  He was with the Hood Battalion of the Royal Naval Division (RND) and led an assault which began at 05.45 am.  Within a day, the assault proved to be the RND’s finest hour.  In one day it advanced further and took more prisoners than any Division in the Army since the start of the war. The cost in human life and casualties, however, was horrific.  100 officers and 1600 men were killed, of whom Arthur Hart was one. In addition 160 officers and 2877 men were wounded.

Arthur Hart is also commemorated on the war memorial in the Chapel at King’s College, London.  In addition he is remembered in the book: ‘Wisden on The Great War: The lives of cricket’s fallen’. His name also appears in the University of London OTC Roll of the Fallen, on the same page (28) as Robert Arthur Hart and Thomas Percy Harrison whose names are also on our Roll of Honour.

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Winner of the First Arts Scholarship to Westminster Hospital;

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The Blue in October 1910 noted Arthur Hart’s performance on Sports Day that year. He won the prize for throwing the cricket ball in Class 1; the prize for putting the weight; the First Class 100 yds in the best time for six years; the First Class 1/4 mile in a new record time; the 250 yards handicap and the long jump. His strong running was described as ‘the feature of the afternoon’.